Hello World! My Coding Journey into Fatherhood

Hey fellow coders! Let me share a personal fork in my life's repository - becoming a dad. It's like deploying a new life feature that brings unexpected joys and challenges.

The Big Reveal

Our journey began in Dalat City, not with debugging, but with discovering we were expecting. The moment I learned about our upcoming 'release' (our baby), it felt like a successful code compilation after countless errors.

Health Check Commit

We faced our first 'bug' early on due to missed health checks. My wife, a fellow enthusiast of chill beers and algorithms, had her concerns. Thankfully, our little 'program' was error-free and running smoothly.

The Deployment Day

Our son's arrival was like a product launch under tight deadlines. Rushing to the hospital at 3:00 am, praying for zero downtime. And in the early hours of the morning, our latest 'version' was successfully deployed - a healthy baby boy!

Refactoring Life

After navigating through the initial challenges and excitement of our new arrival, just like in a development project, it was time to enter the 'Refactoring Life' phase. This is where I applied some essential updates and optimizations to our family's daily routine.

  1. Home Setup: Just like optimizing our work environment for productivity, I revamped our living space for the new family member.

  2. Listening to User Feedback: Pregnancy and postpartum are like customer feedback sessions. I've been tuning into my wife's needs and emotions, debugging together to ensure a smooth run.

  3. Financial and Career Scaling: With a new member in our 'dev team', I started consuming more content on financial algorithms and career scaling to provide a robust framework for our family's future.

  4. New Features and Hobbies: Fatherhood introduced new hobbies, like photography - capturing our little 'project's milestones. It's like keeping a visual log of our family's development process.


Becoming a father is a bit like diving into a new programming language - daunting at first but immensely rewarding as you learn. I hope my story resonates with you, fellow devs, as we navigate the incredible journey of parenthood in the tech world.