Hijack your computer http request with Fiddler

Getting Started

Capture all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet with Fiddler HTTP(S) proxy. Inspect traffic, set breakpoints, and fiddle with requests & responses.


On my laptop, I use the linux version. You can download here

wget -O fiddler.AppImage https://downloads.getfiddler.com/linux/fiddler-everywhere-1.4.1.AppImage
chmod u+x fiddler.AppImage


This is the main view of the tool

  1. To enable capture HTTPS View -> Preferences -> HTTPS. Click Export root certificate to Desktop, then enable Capture HTTPS traffic + Ignore server certificate error (unsafe). Click Save.

  1. Open any browser, go to the Certificate Preferences, Import the FiddlerRootCertificate.crt on the Desktop and enable Trust this certificate.

  1. Config Browser proxy to Fiddler localhost:8866


Now open any Web Browser with any url. You will see all the network requests sent out using HTTP(s)