Decoding Relaxation: My Year-End Company Trip to Ho Tram Beach

Hey tech enthusiasts!

Ever thought of a year-end company trip as a system reboot? That's exactly what my getaway to Ho Coc - Ho Tram in Ba Ria - Vung Tau felt like – a perfect blend of team spirit and sea breeze.

The Epic Year-End Logout:

Our journey began not with code pushes but with packed bags, as nearly 100 of us, myself and my family included, set off for a year-end company trip. It was time to exchange our usual digital tools for some real-world team building and family bonding.

The Journey:

Our adventure started at the crack of dawn (yes, 5 AM!). The youngest team member on board? My 8-month-old son, prepped and ready for his first 'debugging' session with the ocean waves. As a developer, I couldn't have been more excited to introduce him to the vast, unexplored world of nature.

Team Building: The Real-Life Multiplayer Game:

Before we could dive into relaxation mode, there were team-building activities waiting for us. Think of it as a real-life cooperative multiplayer game, but with more sand and less screen time. It was a series of challenges that reminded us that even in the digital world, teamwork makes the dream work.

A Developer's Day Off:

Post-games, I took my family to the beach. Watching my son's first encounter with the waves was like witnessing a user experience their first bug-free app – pure joy! As we built sandcastles (without any architectural planning), I realized that sometimes, the best moments are the ones without a single line of code.

An Unexpected Commit:

The highlight of the trip? At the Year End Party, I was recognized as The Best Trainer and promoted to Principal Software Engineer. Talk about a surprise feature release at the end of the year!

This short but sweet trip reminded me that life, much like coding, is full of unexpected joys. As we gear up for the Tet holiday, I'm ready to embrace the new adventures, both on and off the screen.

Thanks for reading, fellow devs! Can't wait to share more of my ‘out of office’ escapades with you soon.