Debugging Parenthood: Celebrating Donnie's First Milestone

Hey fellow coders,

In the midst of coding and deploying, I took a break to celebrate a special milestone - my son Donnie's first birthday. It's like watching a project come to life, from the initial launch (his birth) to this exciting version 1.0 update.

The Big One

In Vietnam, a child's first birthday is a big deal, akin to a major product release. We call it "Lễ Thôi Nôi" or "Lễ Đầy Năm". It's a time to thank the cosmic support team (Twelve Goddesses and Three Gods) for their 'bug fixes' and blessings on our little one's growth and future path.

A Developer's Celebration

Due to COVID-19, we scaled down the launch party. Imagine preparing for a product launch in a home office - that was us setting up the celebration. We had traditional dishes (think of them as legacy systems) and a balloon cloud setup for photo ops - a perfect backdrop for our mini user's big day.

Future Career Algorithm

The highlight? Donnie chose his future career tool from a range of options, including a laptop (hello, fellow future coder?), pen, and more. He picked a pen! In our world, that's like choosing a classic programming language over the latest framework - both have their unique charm and potential.

Time and Code

Watching Donnie grow reminds me of how quickly time and technology evolve. It's like the ABBA song "Slipping through my fingers," perfectly capturing the bittersweet, swift passage of time. If you've got a moment, give it a listen; it hits differently when you're juggling pull requests and playdates.


To Donnie, our little MVP (Most Valuable Person), grow strong and happy. We're your support team, offering endless updates of love and care. Keep developing, little one!