Azure Administrator Associate achievement

After getting the first Azure Fundamentals Certificate, I went on studying the higher level to achieve this one as an Administrator Associate. I spent most of my free time to learn Microsoft learning website and to do the exercises for about a week, as soon as having full knowledge of the course.

Then I officially took an online exam at home due to the spreading of Covid-19 in the city. The exam lasted for 2 hours in a private quiet room, but to me, I just finished the test in within 1 hour. A check-in progress was required before the exam started (about 30 minutes), including capturing angles of the room, making sure that no sounds happened to disturb the exam, or else candidates could be considered to be fail.

The feeling of taking the online exam at home was pretty awesome and safe. I was confident to pass the test because I had had practiced many many times and learned from them, and you know what, I did it. I passed the exam! The result was announced as soon as the test was submitted, the certification was released in about 30 minutes later. I couldn't wait to publish it on muy Linkedin page! It showed that my studying method was right and useful, which could help me get the certification.